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The Body Code is a system designed by Dr. Bradley Nelson which tests for energetic imbalances in the body, and corrects them energetically.  We use muscle testing to uncover the underlying imbalance

Initial Session: $85

Post - Session: $65

The Body Code™ is a simple, elegant patented, revolutionary energy balancing system that encompasses the Emotion Code and much more. The Body Code can help identify the underlying root causes of physical and emotional discomfort, suffering, and sickness in the body and spirit.

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The Body Code can find and release imbalances in 6 categories.

1 Energy:  This category comes up the most frequently in sessions and includes: trapped emotions, physical trauma energy, inflammation, negative energy from other people, subconscious beliefs and more.

2 Circuits:  This category deals with the energy systems of the body including: chakras, meridians & the circuits of organs and glands.

3 Toxins:  At the fundamental level everything is energy including physical toxins.  We can release toxins with our intention, magnetic energy, and the body’s meridian system.  We can test to see if further detoxification is necessary.

4 Pathogens:  Harmful tiny organisms such as mold and parasites can cause damage from the infestation itself & waste products.

5 Structural:  We can clear imbalances such as trapped emotions that contributing to a misalignment of the body such as a bone, muscle, organ or gland.

6 Lifestyle:  This category covers many things including magnetic energy deficiency, lack of restful sleep, dehydration, as well as nutrition and supplements.

Body Code can help with:

  • back aches

  • hip pain

  • shoulder pain

  • headaches

  • chronic pain in general

  • digestive issues

  • eye problems

  • pms pain

  • locked joints

  • sleeping problems

  • shame

  • anxiety

  • eating disorders

  • confidence

  • childhood abuse

  • breakups

  • pressure in chest

  • depression

  • thyroid issues

  • and so many more issues

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