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Emotion Code

The Emotion Code is a healing modality that helps with physical and emotional imbalances. It helps by literally gettting rid of emotional baggage.

Dr. Bradley Nelson, a chiropractic developed the Emotion Code. Throughout his 17 - year of practice he noticed that the root of a great deal of pain in his patients stemmed from an unresolved emotional cause. These he calls trapped emotions. 

What are Trapped Emotions?

We all have emotions, most of the emotions that are felt on a daily basis are processed immediately but some have a stronger energy and become trapped. This becomes like emotional baggage that we carry around with us everywhere and in time can become overwhelming and even debilitating.

What are the effects of Trapped Emotions?

Trapped emotions are very damaging as they are balls of energy that distort your energy field causing imbalances in your energetic body which can result in your physical and/or emotional distress and general dis-ease.

How do we access Trapped Emotions?

All the information about trapped emotions are stored in your subconscious mind, which is 90% of your brain. By muscle testing we can access the information that your mind already knows.

How are Trapped Emotions released?

Trapped emotions are released by running a magnet along the Governing Meridian. The Governing Meridian runs along your spine and connects to all other energy meridians in the body. Because trapped emotions are vibrational energy, once they are activated, the magnet can easily draw their energy out through the meridian system. It works in the same way a magnet will deactivate your credit card - or worse - erase the hard drive in your computer

Many people feel the sensations of energy moving through their bodies as trapped emotions are released. This frequently involves sighing or yawning, both of which are signs of deep release - and that's a fantastic thing! Most people tell me they feel better right away. Other sensations clients report include:

  • felling lighter in the chest and/or shoulders

  • feeling very relaxed

  • goosebumps or hair on arms and legs momentarily lifting

  • feeling of warmth 

  • a feeling of tingling sensation

  • a strong feeling of the emotion being released

It really all depends on your body and how strong the trapped emotion is. Don't worry any sensations are mild and pass quickly. 

The number of Trapped Emotions released during in one session varies. It depends on many factors such as the intensity and location of the emotions, your particular temperament, and your current condition. It is a process of gently removing old layers. Your body has a innate wisdom and knows exactly what it needs to release and heal, and when it is ready for processing time.

Processing is a time of healing where your body continues to completely release the residual energies of the released emotions and heal the areas where those emotions where trapped. Processing time varies according to each situation and usually lasts 1-2 days.

You may feel perfectly fine, or you may have moments of sensitivity. If so, a little extra TLC is just the thing. It helps to drink extra water, eat fresh nourishing food, go for a walk in the fresh air, take a nap, have a bath with Epsom salts, or just do something you especially enjoy.

Is this safe for children and pets?

Yes, this is a safe and non-intrusive healing modality for children and pets as well. The best time to start clearing emotional baggage is when your children are young. The younger you began the greater the opportunity of fulfilling their full potential in life. Please realize that pets have feelings as we do and a happier and well adjusted pet is a joy to be around.

Do I need to be present in person for the session?

No, that is one of the most wonderful things about Emotion Code that it doesn't matter where you are on the globe. The work can be done by proxy, which means that our bodies have the ability to make the energetic connection between two people. Proxy work enables emotional release at any distance. 

Over 50% of my work with clients is through one-on-one private sessions by telephone. People wonder if phone sessions are as effective as in-person sessions. Yes, they are! In fact, many people prefer phone sessions because they find it easier to open up and work on the deep issues if they don’t have an audience looking directly at them. It doesn’t matter if your nose is running, or what you’re wearing, or how you look. Another advantage to phone sessions; we can work together and get fantastic results no matter where you live. 

Initial Session: $85

Post - Session: $65

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